Intensive SBAC Review

For a limited time only, 10 weeks of Intensive SBAC Review
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your purchase of Common Core Standards Plus.
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Access Technology Components
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Web-based weekly evaluations (assessments)

Web-based performance tasks

Web-based reporting capabilities

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K-8 Common Core
Supplemental Curriculum

• Rigorous Daily Lessons

• Frequent Performance Lessons

• In-Depth Real World Projects

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Common Core Standards Plus Video

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A Perfect Match to the SBAC Test!

Common Core Standards Plus lessons include content at
every DOK level. It’s everything teachers and students need
to prepare for the SBAC Assessment.

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Custom Pacing

Common Core Standards Plus materials include
custom pacing at no additional cost.

  • Ensures that essential standards are taught prior to testing
  • Integrates district textbook instruction or district created units
    with our lessons to utilize all classroom resources

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Our Nonprofit Mission

Common Core Standards Plus is published by a nonprofit organization founded by educators focused on providing support for districts, schools, and classroom teachers. It is our mission to increase student and teacher understanding of successful practices that continue to improve achievement.

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Technology Components Are Available At No Additional Cost

Enhance your Standards Plus implementation with technology components:

Web-based weekly evaluations(assessments), Web-based performance tasks, and Web-based reporting capabilities.

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Introducing Common Core Standards Plus

All-new lessons written to specifically address the content, rigor, and enhanced student performance expectations embedded in the Common Core Standards.

Learn what makes Common Core Standards Plus different from other Common Core materials.